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A support site for Kurzweil 1000 series music keyboards and expanders
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Support for Kurzweil K1000 K1200 users

Welcome to the  Kurzweil K1000 K1200 users group auxiliary web site. This site is an addition to and supplements the K1000 K1200 Users Group.

On this web site and at the users group site you will find information about the Kurzweil 1000 series Expanders and Keyboards manufactured by Kurzweil Music Systems in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These include the Kurzweil K1000, K1000SE and K1200 keyboards and the 1000PX, 1000SX, 1000HX, 1000GX, 1000 Pro 1, Pro 2 and Pro 3 Expander rack modules. It is the depository for many years of research and contributions by members of that group. There is much more at the users group site, including a message forum, other files, pictures.links and the members list (390 and counting). Please join the group if you are not a member and be sure to thank each member that helps you in the future! If you have questions about any of the many subjects or material in this web site, submit that question to the user group and someone will probably offer help. If you are new to the Kurzweil 1000 series you may want to view this excellent overview of the Kurzweil 1000 series evolution by David Etheridge in the April 2000 issue of Sound on Sound.

If you do not see what you are looking for on this site, go to the users group and ask for help.

About this site: Most of the upgrade and repair information in this site came from the previous alzerom.com web site that was created by a very dedicated group contributor - David Brown. David is one of many Kurzweil 1000 users who frequent the very popular K1000-K1200 users group. Over several years he (and other members) spearheaded an effort to document the most common problems and fixes as well as all the the various versions and revisions of the Kurzweil 1000 series Expanders and Keyboards. Informations was gathered from user group memebers and from the world wide web. David captured the data in the multitude of ROMS in each model and then provided all of this data and instructions for upgrading the various models. The members of the users group thank David for his many contributions over the years! Thanks to all members of the users group who also contributed to the information in the site and to the building of the site (thanks Leo).

About the web site host:  I am the creator of Kurle and Kurlewin (Librarians for the 1000 series). I purchased my first 1000PX in 1988 and became a life long fan. I bought my used K1000SE later. My units have been upgraded - using the information on this site -but I did not burn the ROMS, so please do not ask me to burn ROMS for you. I am retired from my old day job at Hewlett Packard, am a member of the users group, and am a very armature musician, a HAM operator, programmer (kurle, kurlewin, and ACtoCDF) and web site developer. I have followed the users group for many years and have witnessed the great benefit that site has been to those who own or happen to become the owner of a Kurzweil 1000 series expander or keyboard. It is my pleasure to contribute in a small way by hosting this auxiliary site. Being retired and involved in many fun activities in addition to this web site, I maintain this site on an as-needed and as-I-have-time basis. You may contact me at the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Want to contribute? The best way to contribute is to join the users group and get involved. If you and the group have suggested additions, the message forum is the place to get the suggestion going.  I usually monitor those messages so will jump in as needed.

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Many thanks to those who have donated since we opened this site in 2008! Donations have passed my $200.00 goal which will pay for the cost of the domain name and a fair share of the ISP fees until about 2018.  Even though I planned to remove the Donate button after reaching the $200 goal, I have left the link for further donations if any of you feel so inclined. That will help with a larger portion of the ISP fees and perhaps buy me a burger once in a while!  If you would like to donate $5.00 (or more) to this cause you may do so by clicking the button below and following the instructions at the PayPal site. You can donate any multiple of $5.00. After you click the donate button, you will be asked for the amount and payment method. You may cancel the process at any time.

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